About us


- Xclusive is an e-commerce Reselling platform for contemporary clothing, vintage clothing, high-end fashion, military surplus , archive pieces, art and accessories. We are a digital-centric boutique, shipping worldwide and offering a highly curated catalog which appeals to a wide range of buyers. We believe in providing the highest quality experience and world-class customer service.

We operate at the intersection of fashion, art, and design to help our clients with their personal collections. We pride ourselves on our unrivaled collection of items and the quality of our service from beginning to end.

Xclusive started off as a passion project. soon in 2019 we made our first instagram page. The mission behind it, was to create a one-stop boutique for vintage, archive, designer, military surplus pieces sourced from all around the globe in india which provides a fresh and forward-thinking approach to discovering and buying clothing and art.

When we started our instagram page, we used to sell brand new articles but it made us feel limited in the space because there are many rare pieces we can't find in deadstock condition. However as the owner i always loved collecting pieces with character because of the story, history and mystery behind it but thats not how i felt about the page. After a while, we switched to preowned only ( exceptions are to be expected ) also there was a buffer in indian market for such pieces, hence we changed our direction to be more xclusive and having pieces that makes you feel special and a collector rather than a buyer or consumer.

We hope you guys will understand the motivation behind it and enjoy the pieces as much as we do.

If being honest we see ourselves as artists rather than a sales person and this paltform as an art boutique.

As the owner its my passion rather than a transaction. Which i want to share with everyone, so that we all can enjoy it together and create a counter culture for all artists and fashion enthusiasts like us. 

There was always a hindrance with the instagram page that we could not share our whole collection with the audience. 

Hence we created this platform to share our vision with you all.